Slow down your pace, reserve time for a well-earned rest. Put off your everyday worries and immerse yourself in the moment of deep relaxation our saunas have to offer, enjoy the pleasant warmth of hot tubs, or try out the Kneipp bath. Our wellness centre is inspired by the tranquillity of forests. Music enriched with relaxing undertones of the forest and wellness inspired by nature will leave you with an unforgettable, unique experience. Our wellness hotel is ranked among the region’s best. Hesitate not and find your own harmony, with most certainty you will regain new strength.

“Top of the class spa. We’ve enjoyed the wellness very much and diligently spent all our time inside. :) Talk about falling in love!”
Petra, Bratislava

Opening hours & Price list

Daily: 16:00 – 21:00

Price: 14€ / 2 hrs

We are open in our season: 1st of September – 15th of April

Are you interested in visiting our wellness off-season?
We offer private rent with capacity up to 10 people. Order must be placed at the minimum 4 hours prior to visiting the wellness. Price: 100€ / 2 hrs (Orders are to go through the reception)

Návštevný poriadok


For the best experience possible, you can enter three different saunas (Finnish Sauna, Steam Sauna & Herbal Bio Sauna) with varying temperatures and air humidity

Kneipp Bath

Boost your blood circulation and take advantage of the many beneficial effects this highly effective bath brings.

Relaxation Room

After a length stay in the saunas, relax in our beautiful relaxation room overlooking a peaceful little garden.


Relieve the tension in your body using the hydromassaging power of whirlpool. Feel the effects of powerful whirlpool nozzles.


Various types of showers to cool down are available to you, but don’t miss out on the goosebump-inducing icefall!

Open to All

Our wellness is available to guests as well as the general public. Minimum age for entering the wellness is 15 years.

Everything you need

Finnish sauna, steam sauna, herbal bio sauna, whirlpool, Kneipp bath, icefall as well as a relaxation room.

Private Wellness

Possibility to make a private, offseason reservation with up to 15 people. For more information contact the reception.

Gift Cards

Thinking about giving presents to your loved ones? Buy our wellness centre’s gift card.